Community Initiative Launches to Raise Awareness and Stop Anti-Asian Hate

Apr 16, 2021

The Yellow Whistle™ to be distributed for protection and solidarity

New York City, New York Apr 17, 2021 ( - Over one year of continuous acts of violence and harassment targeting the Asian community, specifically against the Chinese community in the United States, the America China Public Affairs Institute, and its state committee the Chinese Community Relations Council is joining The Yellow Whistle and support its effort by distributing the whistles to the community and spreading the awareness.

This new initiative is spearheaded by Agnes Hsu-Tang, an archaeologist and international cultural heritage policy advisor on the faculty at Columbia University and a trustee of the New York Historical Society. Beginning April 19, customized yellow whistles with the words "We Belong" will be distributed through a network of community-based organizations.

"The Yellow Whistle is a symbol of self-protection and solidarity in our common fight against historical discrimination and anti-Asian violence," said Agnes Hsu-Tang. "The whistle is a simple gadget with a universal purpose--to signal alarm and call for help. We chose the color yellow because it has been weaponized as a mark of xenophobia against Asians throughout American history. We are whistleblowing to fight back against the stereotype that Asians are a silent minority. We stand proudly as Americans--with all Americans--because we belong."

"In recent months, I have been very concerned about the attacks on Asian Americans which have been taking place across the country," said Oscar Tang, a New York financier, philanthropist, and co-founder of The Yellow Whistle initiative. "In an attempt to do something about it, we've come up with The Yellow Whistle as a way to help."

"The Yellow Whistle initiative is unique and innovative, and we are happy to be in partnership with The Yellow Whistle," said Fred Teng, President of America China Public Affairs Institute, "Since last March there has been a tidal wave of violence targeting Chinese Americans. Over 3,795 cases were documented. While many in the community have discussed about acquiring guns or carrying pepper spray, we felt The Yellow Whistle provides a safe and legal alternative."

The Yellow Whistle can be used by a victim to call for help, it can also be used by a bystander to alert a violent or harassment action, and by simply wearing the whistle on the wrist symbolizes the support and alertness of anti-Asian violence.

"We will start to distribute The Yellow Whistles initially in the greater New York City area," said Charles Pei Wang, Chairman of Chinese Community Relations Council of New York, "and then we will expand the distributions to the communities across the nation, including Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle."

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America China Public Affairs Institute, Inc. (AmericaChina) is an independent non-partisan nonprofit organization, incorporated in the District of Columbia under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and approved by the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. Department of Treasury. The mission of AmericaChina is to help build better understanding and awareness of important issues relating to these two nations, by providing timely, accurate, educational information to the public.

Chinese Community Relations Council of New York (CCRC-NY) is the designated New York state public affairs committee of the America China Public Affairs Institute. Each Council organizes public programs to support and engage all communities within its regions.

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